Clarinet Studio

I started playing the clarinet in Jr. High and have loved it ever since. It's been such an important aspect of my life for so long--I love to teach and share that passion! I won first place in the Idaho State Solo Competition my senior year of high school, and I've had the opportunity to play in various orchestras, including the BYU-Idaho Symphony Orchestra, the Rexburg Tabernacle Orchestra, and the Burley Philharmonic Orchestra. I received a minor in Music from BYU-Idaho, and taught clarinet lessons in Rexburg for three years before moving to Burley.

Whether you're striving to play better in band or orchestra, to win a competition, or study clarinet seriously in any other aspect of your life, I can help you progress to an advanced level. You will learn skills to help with breath support, technique, tonguing, dynamics, and many other ways to make your music outstanding! We will also go into reed care, and how to condition your reeds to last for months and give you the best possible sound.

I offer clarinet lessons for 30 minutes, once a week. Tuition for clarinet is $50 each month. A $5 discount is given if payment is the first week of every month!

Please refer to my policy page for information regarding other aspects of my studio, including music books supply, missed/makeup lessons, and other expectations during lessons.

I look forward to teaching and experiencing music with you!