My philosophy about lessons is that they should be conducted in a predictable, organized manner. And most of all, lessons should be fun! Music is just that--fun! I teach in a way that students are given skills to achieve an advanced clarinet level, and an intermediate to semi-advanced piano level. I also believe that a good teacher teaches students how to teach themselves. This gives students the ability to continue learning on their own throughout their lives.

Each lesson will be given at my home in Burley (please contact for location). You may also contact me at (208) 201-2898 or by email at cortney.j.pearson@gmail.com.
Please browse on to find out how I run things in my studio!

Routine Lessons

-Private lessons are offered to students ages 7+ for 30 minute increments.

-Each lesson is designed to be the same so that the student knows what to expect and knows what to practice when at home.

Every lesson will go as follows:

-Review of what was assigned the previous week, including theory assignments

-Learn new concepts and sight-read new assignments

-Give new theory assignments

-Work on solo material (when applicable)

Expectations:The Teacher
  • Strives to make music lessons fun!         
  • Encourages excellence in practice and skill development through positive reinforcement and best teaching practices.
  • Ensures each lesson is an educational experience. 
  • Continues professional and musical development.
  • Determines (with student) the music to learn and length of practice time expected.
  • Helps student prepare for recitals and competitions.
  • Establishes tuition and dates to be paid.
The Student

  • Chooses to make the study of music and piano/clarinet a priority. 
  • Maintains a positive attitude. 
  • Is willing to experience different genres of music.
  • Practices, as instructed during lessons, each day.
  • Brings necessary books and materials.  
  • Arrives on time to lessons.

The Parent/Adult Student

  • Supports daily practice and student progress with encouragement.
  • Practices with the student (if necessary).
  • Reads, and understands, studio policies and procedures.
  • Monitors student’s progress.
  • Provides timely transportation for student(s).
  • Respects the lesson time of other students with prompt pick-up, and concise communication during lesson time.
  • Pays tuition on time.
  • Communicates with the teacher regarding progress, needs, satisfaction, suggestions, concerns, and general feedback.
  • Calls at least 24 hours in advance if a student must miss a lesson.
  • Notifies the teacher as soon as possible in case of emergency or illness.

-Lessons are half an hour each week. Tuition varies between clarinet and piano, simply because I have more experience and education with the clarinet and can therefore bring students to a more advanced level.
Piano:  $35 per month. $30 if paid by the first lesson of the month.
Clarinet: $50 per month. $45 if paid by the first lesson of the month.

-The rate is consistent whether the month has four or five weeks.

-In the months of November and December, no lessons will be taught during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’. Those months will also be the constant rate. This way, it balances out the other months that have extra weeks.

-Students will be notified of tuition increases (if any) at the beginning of each semester or year.

Missed Lessons

-If students are not able to attend, the teacher needs at least 24 hours’ notice. In case of illness, this isn’t always possible, but a phone call (or text) is required ASAP before the student’s lesson time.

-Unless there is an emergency such as illness, the student will be responsible for payment of any missed lessons that are not rescheduled according to the 24 hr. cancellation policy.

-In case of illness, the teacher will refund the money for that lesson in the next month’s tuition (to be judged per situation).

-If the teacher needs to cancel, a refund will be given for the lesson or it will be rescheduled at the teacher’s and student’s convenience.

-Lesson rescheduling is possible on occasion, only at the teacher’s convenience. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule a make-up lesson when the lesson has been cancelled. The 24 hr. cancellation policy is still in force in this case. If a make-up lesson is not possible, the student will be responsible for payment of that lesson.


-Tardiness is not acceptable.

-The student is paying for his/her half hour, and not minutes into the next person’s lesson time.

-Please be on time.

Practice Expectations and Music Supply

-A practice schedule will be determined between the teacher and student at the first lesson. This will differ from student to student, depending on their age, playing level, and experience.

-The student will be required to practice regularly and show a sufficient amount of progress.

-Students are expected to purchase their own music and are required to bring it to every lesson.


Recitals are a great way to showcase the students' progress and hard work. They also give students the opportunity to perform and display their refined skills, as well as prepare for any competition they may be involved in. Recitals will be determined by the teacher, and parents and students will be notified accordingly.

Word of Mouth

-The teacher greatly appreciates new referred students. To show appreciation, if a new student begins lessons because of another student’s referral, the current student gets a free lesson!

-If there are no more spots available, the new student will be put on a waiting list and as soon as a spot opens up and the new student begins, the discount will be given.


-A two week notice is required before lesson termination by the student.

-The teacher reserves the right to dismiss a student due to irregular attendance, lack of payment, or consistently inadequate preparation by the student. One warning will be given and if conditions do not change, lessons may be terminated by the teacher (on a case-by-case basis). If the student is dismissed, lessons will be given through the end of the current month and then will be terminated.

-The teacher reserves the right to make any changes to this policy at any time and without prior notice.

I hope that we will both have a fun and enriching musical experience together!